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Carnival in Provincetown

What is Carnival Week in Provincetown?

You've probably heard of Carnival in the south, but Carnival in New England is something completely different. Provincetown is a place where the LGBTQ+ community can party unashamed of who they are.

The weeklong, outdoor celebration runs many different events and activities for you to fully express yourself in a community of love. Here you'll be able to learn more about the event, what activities are held during the week, and other fun things to do in Provincetown.

Carnival History

Provincetown Pride has been celebrated since 1978. It started as a place of acceptance for gays and lesbians because the people in the Provincetown Business Guild saw a business opportunity for a neglected market.

Today, the town has transformed into a beacon for LGBTQ+ individuals throughout the nation.

When is Carnival?

Provincetown Carnival Week runs in the middle of August most years. In 2021, it runs from August 15 to August 21. While this is not a set date for every year, you can expect the party will start around this time.

Carnival and COVID-19

COVID-19 is taken seriously in Provincetown. Most parties will ask you to get tested and prove you are negative before you are allowed to gain entrance. Occasionally you may have to wear masks, but those rules fluctuate from business to business.

Make sure you respect those around you and avoid attending indoor events if you feel sick.

Carnival Provincetown Events

Now that we've gotten all of the official business out of the way, now we can talk about the main draw of Carnival: the many activities and events that you can participate in when you get here. Provincetown events are renowned for gay pride, colors, and amazing music.

Provincetown II Boat

Hopping on a sunset cruise for the day can be a great way to relax and enjoy your evening with your special someone. The Provincetown II Boat offers dinner, music, and beautiful views of the Cape Cod horizon. You might even see some whales!

Carnival Parade

The Carnival Parade is one of the highlights for many people's vacation. The parade stretches through town, swarming the viewers with rainbow colors, gay pride, and pure joy. You'll see people in drag, in colorful costumes, or maybe with very little on at all.

Keep up-to-date on the latest parade trends on PTown's tourism website.

Drag Shows

If you like to dress up in elegant gowns and fun costumes, then you have to attend the many drag shows hosted in Provincetown. On top of the shows themselves, you can also find costume parties where you can spruce up your own look!

If you have a puppy, you can dress them up in a funny costume and bring them along!

Best Provincetown Gay Bars

But the party don't stop when the sun goes down! After you have had a wonderful day enjoying the Carnival festivities, you can head to any of the major nightlife locations for some drinking and dancing!

Here are some of the best gay bars in PTown, which will list the opening hours and favorite drink from the location.

Shipwreck Lounge

The New Year's event (First Light) is one of the last events of the winter. Come watch the wonderful Provincetown fireworks. Make sure you find someone to kiss! It's recommended to bring blankets and warm clothes.

Monkey Bar

Hours: 5PM - 1AM

"AMAZING drinks! My personal favorite was the spicy Bloody Mary martini."
- Lee Denton-Smith


Hours: 10PM - 1AM

"Incredible music & vibe! Great place to hangout with friends and hear live music!"
- Jason Berry
Carnival is an amazing event for any LGBTQ+ community member. Please come and experience the pride for yourself!

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