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Provincetown Art Galleries

It should be no surprise to Massachusetts tourists that Provincetown is friendly to artists. When you're walking down Commercial Street, you'll see many Provincetown art galleries scattered through town. If you are an art lover, this is your paradise.

Touring the various art galleries is free, which is just another reason to visit if only for a short time.

However, which galleries are most worth your time? Consider this your guide to all the art galleries in town. Who knows, you may stumble into something you really enjoy that is worth hanging on your mantle.

Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM)

Address: 460 Commercial St.

When is PAAM open?

11AM - 5PM

One of the best galleries in town, PAAM gives you the opportunity to look at stunning art from a variety of sources. There have been 3000 works sold and collected here. Occasionally they auction off works to the masses. Check out their calendar to find the next event!

Bowersock Gallery

Address: 373 Commercial St. #2316

When is Bowersock Gallery open?

11AM - 5PM (7PM on the weekends)

Another beautiful gallery with a massive collection of sculptures, paintings, and sketches to enjoy. You can buy a piece for yourself or for a friend. Additionally, there are designated events to celebrate holidays or themes.

Schoolhouse Gallery

Address: 494 Commercial St.

When is the Schoolhouse Gallery open?

11AM - 5PM

While this gallery may be smaller than Bowersock, it still has many renowned artists whose work you can enjoy. View the best impressionist artwork on Cape Cod here at the Schoolhouse gallery

Gallery 444

Address: 444 Commercial St.

When is Gallery 444 open?

11AM - 5PM

Gallery 444 is open to everyone! A different artist displays their work nearly every week, so there is always something new to come and look at. If you want to visit during a particular artist's display, check the gallery's calendar so you can build your trip around it.


Address: 432 Commercial St.

When is AMP open?

12PM - 4PM (weekdays and Sunday)
12PM - 7PM (Friday, Saturday)

AMP, or Art Market Provincetown as it's officially called, is an art gallery that focuses on the human form through photography. The art of the camera has grown increasingly over the years, and AMP celebrates this in full force.

Check out pictures by esteemed photographers such as Karen Cappotto.

Albert Merola Gallery

Address: 424 Commercial St.

When is Albert Merola Gallery open? 

11AM - 5PM

This art gallery has several events to look forward to. They've been in Provincetown for 34 seasons, which is a huge achievement. Originally created as UFO (Universally Fine Objects).

Berta Walker

Address: 208 Bradford St. #1

When is Berta Walker Gallery open?

11AM - 4PM

Dozens of artists portray their masterpieces in this gallery. It's a quaint building that houses exorbitant beauty and a massive historical collection of American art.

William Scott Gallery

Address: 439 Commercial St.

When is William Scott Gallery open?

11AM - 5PM

This adorable red building on Commercial Street keeps a dozen artists' works. It has a diverse collection of paintings that each tell a story.

Four Eleven Gallery

Address: 411 Commercial St.

When is Four Eleven Gallery open?

11AM - 6PM

A fan favorite among the Provincetown art community, the Four Eleven Gallery has plenty of shows for you to enjoy. You can view art that sends a message and flaunts colors to its viewers. If you are worried about COVID-19, you can set up an appointment.

Julie Tremblay Gallery

Address: 277 Commercial St.

When is Julie Tremblay Gallery open?

11AM - 7PM

Most of the art in Provincetown aims to explore or to share a message. If you want some classic landscapes and still life paintings, Julie Tremblay gallery is for you.

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